July 20, 2024
Trigger Types

v1.2 - additional app block targets available

With this release, there are now many more places to add buttons and forms within Shopify admin. You can add buttons to draft order, abandoned checkout and product variants pages, for example. You can also trigger your admin buttons from a number of admin list pages, including orders, products and customers, to send multiple items to your automation apps. See Customizing detail and list pages in Shopify Admin for all the details.

June 23, 2024
Shopify App Features

v1.1 - add forms to your buttons

This version adds the ability to create forms to collect additional info with your admin buttons. For instance, collect additional information about refunds and use an automation app to save the data to a Google Sheet and then tag the Shopify order. See Step 2 - passing more data with your button click for info on adding a form to an admin button. This version also limits the number of buttons available in the Free plan to 3. The Supporter plan allows for up to 10 buttons. Future plans will offer more buttons.

May 30, 2024
Shopify App Features

v1.0 - available in the app store

The first release of Even Better Admin Buttons is now available in the app store. Add buttons to order, product and customer admin pages. Buttons trigger webhooks that can be picked up by Zapier, Relay.app or any other automation app to complete tasks in other apps.