Add your own automations to Shopify admin pages

Insert buttons directly into Order, Product and Customer detail pages in Shopify admin pages. Set up automation buttons in App Blocks without needing a developer.

Trigger actions in other apps

Automate actions in other apps using your Shopify orders, customers or products. Works anywhere you can use webhooks or Zapier.


Gather extra data with custom forms in admin

Add a form to your custom button to gather extra data with each button click. Form data is passed with the click to be used in your automations.

Connect the dots!

Save Time for your Store Staff!

Stamp out repetitive tasks

Insert buttons directly into Order, Product and Customer detail pages in Shopify Admin. Easily configure the new App Blocks feature .

Fewer errors and issues

No more copying and pasting between different platforms in different tabs. Simplify common admin tasks.

DIY Automation

You 💜 your Shopify developers but they can't always get to your small automation requests. Add your own app block buttons today!

Selective Automation

How is this different than direct Shopify integrations?

Lots of other services have GREAT Shopify integrations that trigger on every order creation or new customer. Admin Buttons lets you automate SELECTIVELY, giving your team customizable actions when and where they need them.

Take action on selective items in Shopify

Direct integrations take action EVERY time something is created or changed in Shopify. Sometimes you just need to do something with ONE order or product or customer.

Add automations where you need them

Put automation where you need it the most... right in Shopify admin pages!

Take action almost anywhere

Whether or not your favorite SAAS tool has a Shopify integration, if they have webhooks or a Zapier integration, you can automate them with Admin Buttons.

Ways to get stuff done in Shopify with Admin Buttons

Save 2-3 minutes at a time, dozens of times a week!



From an order page in Shopify admin, create a lead in Pipedrive when you notice a promising new customer.



From a customer page in Shopify admin, create a new contact in Hubspot when you notice someone your sales team should follow up with.



From an order page in Shopify admin, send an unusual order to an #issues channel in Slack.


Google Sheets

From a product page in Shopify admin, add product feedback to a Google Sheet.



From an order page in Shopify, admin add a refunded order to a tracking table in Airtable.


SMS by Zapier

From an order page in Shopify admin, send a text to the customer prompting them for more info about their order, via SMS by Zapier.



From an order page in Shopify admin, refresh an order in your custom backend app via a webhook.



From an order page in Shopify admin, refresh an order fulfillment status in Shippo.


Email by Zapier

From a customer page. in Shopify admin, send a "personalized" email to the customer via Email by Zapier.



From an order page in Shopify admin, create a proactive ticket in Zendesk to follow up with a customer.


From a product page in Shopify admin, create a multi-step workflow with human approval steps in



From an customer page in Shopify, create a multi-step workflow in Zapier that ends by adding a tag to the original Shopify customer.

Admin Buttons Plans

Now live with introductory plans.


Starter Plan

Add up to 3 custom buttons to your Shopify order, customer or product admin pages

Add custom forms to gather additional info with each button click

Connect to Zapier or other workflow tools to automate your tasks

Track button usage

100 button/form uses per month

Enough to get you started


for always


Lock in future savings!

Everything in the Free plan plus:

Up to 10 active buttons & forms to any available target in Shopify admin

Use list targets to pass multiple items to a webhook

1000 button/form uses per month

Early access to new features

25% off future paid plans

When you migrate from the Supporter Plan to a future full-featured plan, you'll receive 25% off for the duration of your subscription.


per month for a limited time

Coming Soon

More features + plans

Display data from other apps in your App Blocks

Zapier integration for easier automation set up

Shopify Flow integration to get stuff done in Shopify

More clicks per month


and up monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

Even Better Admin Buttons places buttons on your order, customer and product pages that send data from these pages to automation apps. You can program steps in those apps to get things done with that data. We make it easy to trigger the actions from within Shopify Admin.

Even Better Admin Buttons lets you set up buttons in Shopify to take action in any other web application you can automate with tools like Zapier or Make. Commonly used tools include Quickbooks, Slack, ZenDesk, Google Sheets, etc.

No. If you have used an automation app like Zapier, you can use Even Better Admin Buttons. Detailed instructions walk you through setting up your buttons and the webhooks that trigger your automations.

Even Better Admin Buttons works with any Shopify Plan.